About Dubai Charity Association


The leadership in charitable and humanitarian work at the local, regional, and global levels by the end of 2028.


Receiving donations, charities, and zakat (Islamic alms) and sustainably developing them and delivering them to their rightful beneficiaries through local and global charitable programs digitally and traditionally


The proposals:


Corporate social responsibility.



Strategic objectives

Financial resources:

Achieving financial sustainability for the organization.

Developing and enhancing the financial resources of the organization and ensuring their sustainability


Infrastructure and operational aspects:

Developing an integrated and sustainable infrastructure and operational framework.

 Establishing an advanced administrative and technological system.

Building institutional capacities of the organization and achieving organizational excellence.


Human capital:

Investing in developing the capabilities of human resources and enhancing their efficiency.

Enhancing the professional competence of employees.

Developing the capabilities of human resources and maintaining them.



Enhancing organizational communication and building strategic partnerships at the local and global levels.

Developing a system for strategic partnerships and organizational communication.



Improving the quality of services provided and enhancing their efficiency.

Providing distinguished and innovative charitable and developmental services.

Providing an integrated system of services.



Achieving customer satisfaction and happiness